Thabelo Glen is the tallest man in South Africa at 8.53ft or 2.6m! Thabelo who goes by the nickname ‘Beans’ is an undergraduate and a basket ball player.

He has a girl friend who he is twice her height and the pair recently celebrated their first anniversary on Thursday 16th of May, 2019. They have tagged their love affair as “beans love”. According to her, she says; “he has paid the price to be the main man in her life.” I guess she is right, he paid in full with his heights!

They cause a stare wherever they go and that is completely understandable going by the contrasting physical differences. As a result of this, they have earned themselves the coveted title of ‘power couple’ from their peers. Looking at the love birds, one cannot help but wonder how powerful love is.

And if you thought you had a long distance relationship because of the physical absence of your partner, you would think again when you see this two. As you would see in the images below, she would have to stand on a stool to put her arm around his neck.

And for all you ladies who don’t believe in looking up to your man, it’s because he isn’t tall enough. We hope their ‘beans love’ continues to flourish and wish them a happy future together!



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