Any Ibo Man That Refuse To Vote For Me In 2023 Will Die - Speed Darlington

Popular Nigerian Diaspora singer, Speed Darlington has placed death cause on any Igbo person who fails to vote for him as president come 2023.

The controversial singer seems to be taking his presidential ambition very serious, as he has introduced his own political “PAP“.
He has even started saving money for his election campaign according to him.

Speedy took to his Instagram to lay causes on anyone from the eastern Nigerian, that fails to vote him as president, he said death will visit all of them.

He wrote;

Who else believes that breakup is in our future? Nigeria is beyond repair the country is over fucked and who did it? Northerns. Hygeia and alhaji have ruined everybody else the only hope is me; brand new uncorrupted untinted Rottweiler in a human form. African Messiah I am here to Zaya. Thunder fire any Igbo man or woman, boy or girl who disagrees on breakup if we don’t win because you build your mansion in the North or West. Nobody forced you to leave home and go build somewhere else 👎. That’s your problem Deep South, Southwest, Southeast together is greater than you and your property you are worthless compared to the rest of us. You better vote #PAP2023. Can you imagine I come back home looking to build something for myself I leave Southeast leave East leave Deep South leave Southwest carry my 2$ enter Lagos or Sokoto? Where they do that? who will develop our side? Na only Lagos dey Nigeria? Rent in Lagos build nothing in Lagos you dumb fuck #PAP2023 💪

Watch video below:



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