How Regina Daniels' Traditional Marriage To Ned Nwoko Places Her Under A Big Curse!

Few days ago, the traditional marriage of Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels and billionaire senator Ned Nwoko surfaced on the internet. So many people see this as a thing to celebrate and some others have got their own opinion about the alleged marriage.

The shocking fact is that there is more to the Anioma traditional marriage rites than your regular traditional marriage. According to the traditions surrounding where they are both from, she just got chained.

Three things you need to know about their marriage will leave you dumb, with tears in your eyes for her.

Anioma Marriage Believes.

The Anioma people are Edoid people located primarily in Delta State, Nigeria. They are referred to as Western Igbo, being separated from the Igbo in the east by the River Niger.

The institution of marriage is sacred to the Ibusans like their Anioma kiths and kin, thus the Ibusans hold marriage in high esteem. Divorce is therefore unthinkable and exists only as taboo in the minds of the people.

Regina Daniels Performs Traditional Marriage Rites with Ned Nwoko!

To mention or suggest divorce is followed with fierce resentment. This is quite unlike what we hear or read from the western media where divorce is duly carried out with utmost palatability. Indeed, the Aniomas believe that divorce is one wind that blows no one any good.

How Regina Daniels’ Traditional Marriage To Ned Nwoko Places Her Under A Big Curse!

  1. Inability to cheat on her husband.

Regina Daniels has been traditionally inducted into the Otu-Udu Group as the customary ritual of Anioma community, confirming her marriage to billionaire politician Senator-Elect Ned Nwoko.

Now going by the Anioma custom of marriage, the actress just signed into a journey of no return. As a married woman from Anioma it is forbidden for the woman to have extra marital affair or anything related to that.

How Regina Daniels' Traditional Marriage To Ned Nwoko Places Her Under A Big Curse!

The actress can no longer have anything intimate to do with any other man except for her husband the senator. If she ever feels honey or need a man if her husband is not available, she can only masturbate or use a vibrator to satisfy her sexual urge.

If she eventually cheats on her husband and the man finds out about her extra marital affair and fails to raise alarm, death will visit their kids and every children of the man. But if her husband knows and raises alarm, she will be disgraced and may be put to death.

The worse is, if any other man aside her husband sleeps with her, even without anyone knowing she will be visited by death from the gods of the land.

This tradition is a common tradition among almost all the tribes in Delta State, the custom was placed to secure married women to their husband, regardless of the man’s excesses.

  1. Life after the death of her husband.

Now this is the part where you don’t mess with the Anioma marriage customs. This gives rise to the traditional rite of “Ihalidi” in which a widow is traditionally expected to accept any of his brother’s relations who may eventually become her husband if they both give their consent.

How Regina Daniels' Traditional Marriage To Ned Nwoko Places Her Under A Big Curse!

If eventually she refused to accept any of her husband’s brother, then she is left with two other options. It’s either she marries the man’s first son in which she will have to perform the same ritual that binds she and her husband again. But this time she will have to go through a more difficult process to be able to break the bond between the both of them.

If she fails to do any of these things, she will be subjected to remain a widow forever because, she is not allowed to marry any other man. If she goes ahead to marry another man, she will die and the man will have to face the same cause attached to the ritual, she had with her previous husband.

  1. Inheritance.

Regina Daniels Nwoko is free to enjoy all she can now as long as her husband is still very much alive. This is because if she fails to give birth in their marriage, she is not entitled to any inheritance from the man.

How Regina Daniels' Traditional Marriage To Ned Nwoko Places Her Under A Big Curse!

According to the Anioma customs, which is very similar to the Ibo tradition, a widow without a child is not allowed to inherit anything from her deceased husband. This is because the mother is supposed to live on her kids’ inheritance from their father and not the other way around. They made this compulsory because the woman might decide to remarry and she must not use her late husband inheritance to take care of another man.


With all of this, can we say the young actress is happily married or just brought a curse upon herself? Ned Nwoko is a smart man and an older man at that, he knows the actress is young and will want to have fun.

How Regina Daniels' Traditional Marriage To Ned Nwoko Places Her Under A Big Curse!

But trust me with this kind of customs and traditions, there is a limit to her fun. Her life is forever with her husband else she will get the unwanted gift, death instead of a Benz!


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