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Toyin Lawani who declared herself a legend. She made this declaration via a new Instagram post she shared. She also had a message for her haters who according to her always check on her Instagram page. Toyin Lawani in her message to her haters, alleged that they are always looking out for her downfall which is not happening.

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But Really 💁I wonder why u dnt like me&u check up on my page Daily 🤣🤣🤣Dts some headache Mehn 🤣🙆🏻‍♀️wht Are you looking 4 ?To look 4 A downfall,which is not happening By Gods Grace,To confirm her relationship status🤣To confirm if the world still likes her cos I tried to Tarnish her image? Cos I told them not to post her🤣I told them not to work with her 🤣or confirm her clients to spoil her,in the hopes of they won't patronize her💁, me I don’t kuku post my major clients,if social media Runs down today my businesses will still Survive, I’ve been running this since I was 16, Referals go a longway ,so far you are good 👌Open your eyes my Talent can’t Be denied ,you will be fetching water in a Basket on my case 🔥🔥Like Really what exactly Are u looking 4? Monitoring spirits 🤷‍♀️ Messaging people in the hopes of them not affiliating with The King of All Queens ,🤣joke of the year🤣They know what’s Best for them , Greatness attracts Greatness , No matter how hard u try,u can’t stop God's work in any human beings life , How I treat you depends on how you treat me , life is A two way street yo, there’s heaven&there’s hell , u can copy the ideas But you cnt copy the Grace👍 Do u knw how hard it is to nurture hate in you heart& head Daily 🤣Mehn that shit is stressful, I feel Bad 4u ,like seriously, Cause I will continue to shinneeee🤣imagine opening plenty pages to Be typing nonsense on my page daily ,when you can use Dt time to make money , no matter the situations I find myself in life ,I’m A Happy Girl Always💃,I let nothing Distract me from my Goals&vision ,to Be constantly creative you need to be able to visualize, but when ur Brain is messy ,all you will be seeing is Tiannah Tiannah Tiannah🤣cause you know me na ,I will kuku pepper you With my Body and creativity day in day out, No one can take talent away from you , Stand tall & Be yourself ,not everyone is meant to like you or your theories in life ,focus more on the people you make happy ,The people you inspire to be better Daily ,that is Enough ,you Are successful when u knw u Are making people double up their Hustle💰,That people can proudly Emulate something Great from My footsteps 💁mehn FUCK THAT SHIT IM A LEGEND🔥🔥

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