I Can Live A Luxury Life Without Owning A Business - Laura Ikeji

Nigerian Fashion mogul, brand influencer, author and public speaker, Laura Ikeji has reveals she can live a good life, without owning a business.

She made this known in a post she shared on Instagram, where she said, with what she is making from influencing, she can live a cool and good life. She went on to say she is one of the few influencers, who is still working and running her own business.

I Can Live A Luxury Life Without Owning A Business - Laura Ikeji

Laura also talked about what it cost her to run her current business space, which she some to over N6.2million.

She wrote;

With what I make from influencing, I can chill in my house and live good without owing a business but for how long, I’m one of the few working influencers today, we don’t know about tomorrow, although it’s very tasking paying 6.2m rent on a business like clothing, 5m rent, 1.2m service charge (we re changing the game soon tho) I always told myself, I can’t be average , I can’t be just comfortable, I wanna be fcuking rich, I don’t want to be an entrepreneur, I wanna be a successful entrepreneur. This year has been a lil tough but we will pull through. So guys before u make jokes about my luxury items know that there re millions to be paid as rent not to talk of salaries etc. It’s never too hard to be kind. Be kind.

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