Self-acclaimed investigative journalist and owner of HNNAfrica on her twitter has enlisted ‘codedly’; Linda Ikeji and Chioma Rowland in the top 5 high ranked prostitutes in Nigeria.

Kemi who hasn’t failed to hide her recent hate for Linda and Chioma has gone a step further to enlist them among the top 5 ranked prostitutes in Nigeria.

In her post, she used the real first names but fake surnames, one will recall that Kemi has a history with Davido’s Chioma and her unending beef with Linda Ikeji, it is not rocket science to know Kemi seem to have been able to subtly pass a message about who she is referring to.

The remaining three people on her list where Abuja girls, Lagos girls and a certain Dara Hermusa.

Should Madam Kemi’s tweet be taken seriously or assumed to be one of her antics?


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