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Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones saw the last of the Night King whose real name is Vladimir Furdik, a Slovakian. The Night King was killed by fans favourite, Arya of house stark.

While many characters were killed during the last episode , the demise of the Night King at the hand of Arya Stark, and the disintegration of his army of wights and White Walkers, were likely the only one met with thunderous cheers from fans.

The Night King has been played by 48-year-old actor and stunt man Vladimír Furdík since season six of the show, taking over for actor Richard Brake.

Prior to becoming the night king in season 6, he was actually a white walker; the one killed by Jon Snow with his valyrian steel sword. He also doubled as a horse man, swords man and a soldier in other scenes and episodes.

The Slovakian performer may have blue eyes, but the rest of his look is all prosthetics, makeup and effects.

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