R. Kelly Is Innocent And Should Be Allowed To Prove Himself. Valencia P. Love Says As She Bail Him.


VALENCIA P. LOVE, the lady who paid $100,000 to bail R. KELLY just days after the singer was arrested on sexual abuse charges.

According to VALENCIA P. LOVE, a 47-year-old businesswoman, R. KELLY is an innocent man and shouldn’t be tagged a monster.

The business woman in an interview with Fox News’ Tia Ewing said;

“I wasn’t there, you weren’t there. Give him the chance and allow him to prove his innocence,” Love told Ewing. “He’s not a monster, he’s not. He’s only been a gentleman to me.”

She continued: “Let him have his chance in court to prove if he’s innocent or guilty. As a friend if he says he’s innocent, I can only believe that he is innocent.”

LOVE went on to say she does not support pedophilia or the abuse of women, but questioned why authorities weren’t pursuing other sexual abuse cases with the same urgency as KELLY’S case. LOVE specifically pointed to the alleged sexual abuse occurring within the church.

“Look at all these priest, why isn’t anyone going after them,” she asked. ” The prosecutors and attorney general need to be prosecuting the priest that were sleeping with 5 and 6 year-old children.”

Speaking about how she made so much money to bail KELLY, LOVE said;

“I’m not going to say it was my money or [KELLY’S] and he’s not broke,” the woman said, according to Ewing. ” He’s my friend and I knew he needed help.”

LOVE claimed KELLY’S release was inevitable, as he had planned to post bond by Thursday.

“He was going to get out regardless,” she said. “I just went out there to help my friend.”

According to the Daily Mail, Love is listed as the owner of several restaurants as well as a Chicago childcare facility called the Lord and Child Christian Day Care. Considering the charges against KELLY involve underage girls, many people were shocked to find out that Love worked within the childcare industry; however, Love insists KELLY’S critics are being too quick to judge.


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