Think For Yourself! Eva Alordiah Advice Fans

Popular Nigerian rapper, songwriter and motivational speaker Eva Alordiah, has come out to give a piece of advice to fans.

The rapper who is now known for sharing words of wisdom, she took to her Instagram to share a video, where she was advising everyone to learn to “Think for yourself“.

She wrote on the post;

#TheTruthOnTuesday Your Thoughts are the programs that run your life, Every single day whether you know it or not. If you are not right now teaching your mind what to think and consciously programming yourself, your life will be run on Autopilot and against your truest will.
Not everything you think is your thought.
A lot of thoughts and belief systems still running your life go all the way back into your childhood. It is time for a clearing, for a reprogramming.
Become a conscious, more aware human.
Become the captain of this ship that you call your Life.
It is all happening in your mind and it is time to take hold of the rudder and steer this ship in the way it must go for the best evolution of your Soul.
I’ll be addressing your many endless questions on #Life #SpiritualAwakening #PersonalDevelopment in new Videos coming. Got questions you’ll like my perspective on? Leave them in comments below 👇❤❤

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#ConsciousLiving #SpiritualAwakening #AsAManThinketh
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The video is a product of her show she titled, #TheTruthOnTuesday, which she post on Tuesdays.

Watch video below:


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