Uche Maduagwu Fires Shots At Omotola For Saying Nigeria Is Hellish Under PMB

Controversial Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu has taken to Instagram to start a ‘fight’ with Omotola.

In series of post made by the actor. He said Omotola don’t have the right to say what she said on twitter.

According to him; he ask Omotola,

“how many people have you help and how many Instagram beggars have you helped”

He wrote on the caption of the first post he made;

@realomosexy Charity begins at home, tell us how many youths you’ve empowered with your wealth before criticizing Buhari…😁😁 @realomosexy Why didn’t you tell the former President that Nigeria is “hellish” when Chibok girls were kidnapped?😭 My sister, there is no money in circulation partly because CORRUPTION is on the low in public sector.💰But if you are referring to our GDP, the current finnancial index from major world financial institutions and monitoring bodies clearly shows our economy is GROWING even though its at a SLOW pace.💰 @realomosexy By the grace of God, you are one of the very SUCCESSFUL actresses in Nollywood today,🎬 but in the last 4 years, how many YOUTH have you helped financially?🍚 Among the numerous fans of yours that send you DM on instagram for one assistance or the other, madam, how many of them have you assisted?🍎 @realomosexy Nigeria has been in a perpetual “hellish” state for more than 20 years, or what do you call a nation that can not BOAST of constant electricity in this 21’st century?😁 So it didn’t just start under President Buhari’s watch. This administration is working, but my sister, development is not African Magic, its a gradual process…🚐 @realomosexy I’m not as RICH as you, but i know how many youth I’ve helped through my Komkom Foundation in Lagos alone,🍓 can you tell us how many YOUTH you’ve empowered financially?💰 #repost #pics #actress #Nollywood #share #beautiful #smile #post #BBnaija2019 #DoubleWahala #instapic #fashion #TagsForLikes #APC #FollowMe #cinema #Lagos #Abuja #model #instagood #BBnaija #love #instamood #style #picture #instagram #best #Naija

He made two post regarding this see them below:

Post 1.

Post 2.


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