Video: Toke Makinwa Lashed Out On Trolls

Best selling author, actress, media personality and OAP, Toke Makinwa has advised trolls to drink water and mind their business.

The delectable Toke, shared a video on Instagram to reply trolls who are asking her when will she get married and when will she start having kids.

She didn’t only gave them a savage response but also encouraged everyone out there, to be careful of the kind of hate speech they allowed to get to them.

On the video she posted, she wrote on the caption;

It’s Vlog Wednesday people, it’s raining over here, oya let’s gist. I find it funny that people have so many opinions on how to live your life, who and when to marry, what age to start having children, the kind of job you should be doing, pls which one of your bills are they paying??? When it’s time to contribute how many of them step forward??? Loooool. Do you, the world will adjust. Do you so well cos in the end, you’ve only got you. ❤️
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Watch video below:


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