#MyGbeduSpotlight: 5 Reasons Davido Is Outshining Wizkid

This is another #mygbeduspotlight article and today we would be x-raying 5 reasons why Davido is outshining Wizkid.

Seeing this headline, I know many of you will say this people are just seeking for attention, this is far from it. By the time you are done reading this, you would have opened your mind to the realization that there is more to music and being a musician than just singing.

Wizkid is a super talented artiste and nobody will want to write anything that will bring him down or make him feel less of himself. As it stands, both Davido and Wizkid are the musical heavyweights from Africa right now and they deserve to improve.

Whatever is written in this article are facts you can easily confirm and even ask people around for their own opinion.

5 Reasons Why Davido is Outshining Wizkid

I will urge you to read the list carefully and do that without sentiments or any bias as this can only help both artistes to improve their crafts.


  1. Video Quality


#MyGbeduSpotlight: 5 Reasons Davido Is Outshining Wizkid

So many of you will agree with me on this and even the diehard Wizkid fans will also agree to this. When it comes to music video quality, Davido goes the extra mile to get the best. When I say the best, I mean the best. How? Remember that Davido attempted to make 3 videos for his hit song “Skelewu” then just to be able to get the best.

Davido has that acting ability which wizkid doesn’t have. Wizkid is more like the shy type and the “I don’t care type of guy“. He (Wizkid) believes his talent is there for him and his fans will take anything he offers them. But not Davido, he pushes himself further to deliver more through his music videos. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Remember those early days when Davido was introducing himself into the Naija music scene? When he gave us “Gobe” we saw the acting spirit in him and that onscreen attitude all artistes should possess. Moving forward, Davido kept giving movies as music videos; remember “Aye” video? This music video blew the whole country away with its captivating story line and epic traditional setting. In the year it was released, it was awarded by Headies as the most viewed Nigerian song online.

When he dropped the video for his hit song “Sound” featuring Uhuru, it also featured some impressive acting from Davido jumping with parachute from an airplane. Then moving on to the video of “Dodo”, one of his most talked about songs where he featured Eniola Badmus as a video vixen. Fast forward to this day Davido has never stopped creating movies out of music videos. Songs like “Fia” and “Nwa Baby” is a perfect example.

#MyGbeduSpotlight: 5 Reasons Davido Is Outshining Wizkid

When Davido makes a song with any international artiste, he makes sure to follow it up with a video to show for it. For instance his song with Meek Mill, “Fans mi” and his song with Rae Sremmurd and  Yung ThugPere” was also backed up with a video. This has even given Davido the abilities to be starred in some big Nollywood movies; John Zerebe and Legend at 60. Wizkid isn’t even an option for such roles.

  1. Passion for Songs

#MyGbeduSpotlight: 5 Reasons Davido Is Outshining Wizkid

Davido is the king of making nonsense make sense. The DMW boss has the ability to “deliver KEKE to you in a Rolls Royce“. As funny as this sounds, that’s how gifted the artiste is. He brings so much energy into songs in such a way that connects with the listeners. He makes the best from the kind of songs we would ordinarily not want to listen to.

#MyGbeduSpotlight: 5 Reasons Davido Is Outshining Wizkid

You must have heard of several songs Davido was featured on and the songs turned into major hits as a result. Songs like “Shoki” by Lil Kesh, Runtown’sGollado” and Diamond Platinum’sNumber one”. Davido can evidently be described as someone with the Midas touch because everything he touches turns into gold. The kind of songs Davido makes cannot be properly interpreted by anyone else, he alone has that unique flavor to make any ordinary song sound special.

  1. Relationship with Upcoming Artistes

#MyGbeduSpotlight: 5 Reasons Davido Is Outshining Wizkid

At this point I expect every one of you to agree with me. This is not hype, but the street feels Davido more than any other artiste in Nigeria. So I can boldly tell you that in terms of relationship with upcoming artistes, Davido is representing well.

Let’s take for example Wizkid, he tends to keep his circle small, yes we know that! How about the distance between him and his label signings? Mr. Eazi was publicly announced as a member of Wizkid’sStarboy Worldwide” but what we later heard was totally different and shocking, especially hearing it from the “Leg over” crooner. On a radio interview he openly said he was not signed to Wizkid’s label as they are just friends and Wizkid was just giving them a platform for their songs to be heard in the UK. Now to the young “Soco” act Starboi Terri, this is another case of having a company but still looking jobless.

#MyGbeduSpotlight: 5 Reasons Davido Is Outshining Wizkid

With all clarification, he is the only one we can officially affiliate with “Starboy Worldwide” but so many people will still tell you they don’t even know the young star Terri. This is because Wizkid is more focused on himself and have so much believe in the fact that you will eventually excel if you are talented.

But for OBO it’s a total different chapter. Every single artiste Davido has under his platform, are more like A-List stars. The likes of Mayorkun, Dremo and Peruzzi can even be called A-List as they all possess both good and quality personalities coming under Davido. The DMW boss is one artiste who knows how to jump on songs from upcoming acts to make the song big. Remember he did it for Lil Kesh, Runtown, Diamond Platinum, Soft and even Kizz Daniel. Davido doesn’t mind a large circle as long as the circle is gold.

  1. Social Media Influence

#MyGbeduSpotlight: 5 Reasons Davido Is Outshining Wizkid

You may think this is not important and is not a way to measure a musician’s success. But I beg to differ, remember there was a time Wizkid was having the highest following on twitter? Then it was a bragging right for the artiste, the fact that he was the most followed celebrity in not just Nigeria alone but Africa in general.

No doubt Wizkid was the first artiste in Africa to hit 1 million followers on the most difficult social media platform, Twitter. Now in today’s world, the table is turning and Davido is leading every social media platform. He currently commands the largest social media influence with over 10 million followers on Instagram leaving Wizkid with over 3 million gaps. However, they both share the same figures on twitter, with 4.6 million followers each.

  1. Controversy

#MyGbeduSpotlight: 5 Reasons Davido Is Outshining Wizkid

This final reason is funny right? But for those of you who don’t know the love you have for Davido is not complete without this. For your information don’t be deceived, take note controversies is the major selling point of the entertainment industry and trust me Davido sure knows how to create and manage it.

For those of you who don’t know, the controversy strategy is used globally not just with Nigerians or Africans alone. 2Baba and Dbanj were the masters of this until Wizkid and Olamide started giving us shows. Now the real king of the controversy theory is OBO.

Davido never drops anything without a ‘talk about it’ story. Davido has created enough reasons to be in the lips of every single person who listens to Afro Pop music. To a point his fight with Wizkid was just a public strategy to create the controversy of comparison in your head.

#MyGbeduSpotlight: 5 Reasons Davido Is Outshining Wizkid

Even the case of Kizz Daniel was just a way to push the “One ticket” song and it worked. Davido have been involved with so many controversies. For instance, his unending internet war with Kemi Ololunyo, his Dele Momodu fight and the private jet stories. Yes he has been involved with too many issues, either good or bad, they are all part of promoting his brand and trust me it’s working perfectly for him.

The Verdict

#MyGbeduSpotlight: 5 Reasons Davido Is Outshining Wizkid

If Wizkid can emulate or be able to manage these 5 reasons he will eventually do better and even get his spot back. But I don’t think that is happening anytime soon. Because Wizkid totally lacks the number 1 and 3 points. He must have to learn to work harder to be able to rise up to the level Davido is sailing the ship (Industry) to.



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